Tony Maloney

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Burning Fat and Building Strength in Less Time: Programming for Optimal Results

Craving powerful and science-backed training strategies to accomplish your fitness and wellness outcomes? In this strategy-packed session, Tony will cover important aspects of a purposeful and results-driven program including:

  • Developing proper movement patterns from the ground up
  • Movement preparation and readiness
  • How to manipulate training variables for Strength Training and Fat Loss
  • Metabolic Conditioning

Tony Maloney is the Fitness Center Manager at NIFS. He is an ACSM-Certified Exercise Physiologist and he holds a BS from IU in Physical Education and Health and Safety.

After graduation, Tony went on to teach Physical Education and Health for the grade levels of K-8 and coached at both the middle school and high school levels in the sports of Football, Basketball, and Track. After teaching youths for five years Tony decided he also wanted to work with adults on a personal and group level and began training individuals at Gold’s Gym. Since coming to NIFS in 2008, Tony has worked with hundreds of clients with diverse fitness levels to achieve both fitness and lifestyle outcomes.

Tony loves speaking to large groups of members and corporate clients.corporate groups as well as to his large membership base is an opportunity Tony loves to take on and has presented to countless individuals ranging from College students, corporate leaders, members and fellow fitness professionals. Tony has been the Fitness Center Manager for 5 of his 7 years with NIFS and enjoys leading his team to provide the best experience for all the members at NIFS.

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