Molly Galbraith

mollyLove Yourself: Embracing Your Inner Wonder Woman

Adding gym-time onto what feels like an already endless list of personal and professional to-do’s can sometimes feel downright impossible. And yet, if how you perceive yourself, in or out of the gym, comes from a dark place of feeling less-than-enough, even the most disciplined gym-goer can struggle with body image, food issues, and self worth. Do you deny yourself the same grace and kindness you’d offer a complete stranger? If so, listen and learn from one of the top in the industry about how to revolutionize your self-talk and life-choices into a life that serves you physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Molly co-founded Girls Gone Strong in 2011 to change the landscape of nutrition and training information for women. Since then, GGS has exploded with a Facebook community of over 155,000 strong. Molly also runs an online distance client program.

Last year, Molly was named one of the top 30 under 30 changing the face of fitness.  Her passion is helping others, especially women, discover and accept what their best body looks like, without having to kill themselves to get there.  “Once they discover that,” she adds, “I want to help them have grace and compassion about it.”

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